2015 brings a clean slate


Minnesota Firefighters,

I know by the time you read this, we will be well into the New Year.  2015 promises to be a year of challenges and adventures just as every other year.  As we look back and reflect on what has happened, we need to make the most of the experiences we have had by learning from them.  We can’t change or undo the things that have happened in the last year.  So the best we can do is move on into the New Year, with a blank slate, optimism, and a positive attitude.  In the fire service, we are taught that it is wise to learn from what we did and to do it better next time.  We debrief, we question, we clarify (and of course blame it on poor communication) but at least we take the time to review and reflect and make things better for next time.

I encourage each and every one of us to make the most of the new beginning January 1st offers us.  I recently read an article that reminded me …”We are privileged to live in a country where new beginnings are a privilege of citizenship. They are something which is encouraged.  They are the basis of our history as a nation.” 

Your board at the MSFDA are launching into some new beginnings by hosting our annual conference instead of having a host fire department do so.  I don’t know all of the history of our conferences so I’m sure this was done in the past but not recently. 

We are also working with the MSFCA, MPFF and other fire service members to have the Fire Safety Account appropriation be amended to be a biennial appropriation, so we don’t have to seek legislation each year to have a supplemental appropriation… Boy is that a mouthful but basically it means please allow the fire services in your state to continue to build on the great work they’ve been doing with the money that is allotted to fund them.  We need your help to educate our legislators on what this means and the importance of the State Fire Marshal’s office, Task Force 1 and the other fire entities to be fully funded.  The MSFDA is the voice of the firefighter in the great State of Minnesota but we are only as good as you allow us to be.  Please get involved in your region and Thank You for all you do.


Mark Rosenblum, MSFDA President



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