Fire Prevention Nebraska Style

   Do you understand the importance of fire prevention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Do you believe the easiest fire to put out is the one you prevent? Do you feel fire prevention is fighting fires without bunker gear? Do you practice fire prevention daily? Do you participate in fire prevention education in your department? Do you think you would like to be a member of the NSVFA Fire Prevention Committee? We are looking for YOU!

   Serving on this committee, or as I refer to it as the Fire Prevention Team, is a great group to be involved with if you “walk the walk and talk the talk” of fire prevention. We have a mission to educate our friends, family and members of our communities on the importance of fire prevention and would like you to join our team members as a resource to promote fire prevention throughout the state. The requirements to join the committee clearly are the need for an interest in fire prevention and sharing it with others. You must be a valid member of the NSVFA for the current membership term. You must have a valid email address and monitor email information from the committee and the NSVFA office.

   Please give it some thought and contact me at with the following information:

Name; Address; Phone; Email; Department and a state why you are interested in being a member of the NSVFA Fire Prevention Committee and what you think you can do to help promote the importance of fire prevention in Nebraska. It may also be beneficial to include experience you have with fire prevention education. And if you have any questions about the committee expectations, please feel free to contact me.

   Thank you for taking the time to consider serving on this NSVFA Fire Prevention Committee I look forward to hearing from you!

Rhonda Cerny,

NSVFA Fire Prevention Committee





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