Fire School and Membership Meeting

   June brings a slate of SDFA meetings and events during State Fire School week. I have several items for new and refresher information this month.

   The SDFA Board of Directors will be in session 14-18 June at Lake Area Technical College (LATC) during the week of State Fire School. Our meetings will start Wednesday morning and conclude Sunday.

   State Fire School on-site registration and social events start at 300pm Thursday afternoon 15 June at LATC.

   The SDFA Annual General Membership Meetings will be 16-17 June. Friday morning session begins at 730am. This session will be for annual SDFA reports and nomination process for election.

   The Membership meeting will reconvene on Saturday at 430pm for open discussions, election results, and to conduct any further SDFA Membership business.

   The SDFA conducts a general audit of finances by three (3) appointed members of the association membership. If you are interested in serving on the Audit Committee, please contact me prior to the membership meeting on Friday.

   The Memorial Service on Friday evening at 530pm will honor firefighters that have passed in the last year. All of the individuals that have been listed in the monthly paper will be included on the Roll of Honor. Please invite any family or department members to attend.  We respectfully encourage them to be part of the service by placing the memorial rose.

   If you would like to include an individual, send their name, a photo (if possible), and years of service, to SDFA Board member Mark Stoks,

   One of the Saturday afternoon class sessions will be SDFA Updates and Happenings. Rick Gustad will be leading the roundtable discussion of topics which include the Fire Grant Program, mobile live burn trailer use, properly maintaining and updating your department rosters in the SDFA GrowthZone program, training ideas, grant opportunities, and whatever questions you bring to the group. 

   Keep checking the SDFA website for class and registration updates. Make sure you have a good contact email and phone number in case of any last minute changes to classes. 

   The SDFA and Department of Public Safety are finalizing the procedures and guidelines for the State Fire Grant program. The SDFA will keep you posted on the details the program, and have more information at State Fire School at the SDFA General Membership meeting, and the SDFA Happenings class on Saturday afternoon.

   If you haven’t registered for State Fire School, you still have time. Even if only for a day, I’m sure you’ll find something to gain. Check out the classes and events on the SDFA website.

   SDFA President and By-law updates will be voted on the Saturday, 17 June, election at fire school.

   We hope you enjoy Watertown and 2023 State Fire School.

   Father’s Day is June 18. Happy Father’s Day wishes to all the fathers, step-fathers, dads, daddies, papas, pops, the-old-mans, and those that serve as such involved in your life.

   Stay safe,

Charlie Kludt,

SDFA President






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