Hirsch Re-Elected as Chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council

     Steve Hirsch of Oberlin was re-elected as Chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) on April 23rd during the NVFC’s spring meeting. The National Volunteer Fire Council is composed of directors from 47 state firefighter associations across the United States. It is the leading voice for volunteer fire, EMS and rescue personnel in the country. Hirsch was first elected as Chairman in 2019.

     “It is an honor to continue to represent the volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel across this nation. This is an amazing bunch of people who drop everything at a moment’s notice to spring into action to help out their neighbors when the need arises,” said Hirsch. “I can’t begin to give enough thanks to the men and women of the volunteer service for what they do on a daily basis to protect their communities.”

     Hirsch’s father started the rural fire district at Simpson, KS in 1963. He was born the year before that, and spent many, many hours learning from his father about what it means to be a volunteer firefighter. Hirsch serves as 1st Vice President of the Kansas State Firefighters Association and served for nearly 20 years as Secretary of that organization. He is the training officer for Sheridan County Fire District #1 at Hoxie and is the coordinator of training for Grinnell Fire Department and Thomas County Fire District #4 at Rexford.

     “There are many people that deserve my thanks for being able to serve in this capacity especially those who were my mentors when I started in the fire service myself, but most importantly my wife, Anita, and children, Jennifer and Joseph, who have supported me at every step of the way - often having to do things without me while I was out helping others,” said Hirsch. “For those that haven’t yet taken up the call please consider doing so because being a volunteer firefighter is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your community.”





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