IFA Memorial

   Greetings, on the 9th the Iowa Firefighters Memorial was presented and 178 names were added to the walls this year. 2 Past IFA Presidents and 3, YES 3 Line of Duty Deaths were among those Honored. It is truly my hope that the Proper respect and honor was given. I know myself felt every ring of the bell.

   We had a Board meeting the Saturday before and it was voted that we needed to and did decide to go with a digital format for the Firefighter paper. This move will be an extreme cost saving for the IFA. We know that this move will be difficult for some and please be assured we are and will strive to make it as pain free as possible. There are many details that need to be worked out and we the Board will try to keep all informed.

   Again, I am asking anyone wanting to assist with the Drills a convention this year to contact me at rcarr@iafire

assn.org.  Yours in service.

Roger Carr,

IFA President



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