Iowa Firefighters Memorial service

     Firefighters - I would like to start off by thanking all who attended this year’s Iowa Firefighter’s Memorial service.  Covering two years and over 200 names being added to the wall, I know Mike Reuman and the memorial committee worked very hard to make sure it was a success. Wanting to pay tribute to all those firefighters that our fire family lost is a huge undertaking. Mike and the committee did a fantastic job, thank you Mike for all your hard work.  

     This year’s service was very important to me personally, as my wife Sami’s grandfather was added, Retired Chief Robert E. Lasswell Sr. and one of our retired Traer Firefighters, LeRoy Wood.  Those two men had knowledge of the fire service that I would soak up every opportunity I got.  I hope one day I can pass the knowledge they gave me to our future firefighters.

     As we move into the summer month’s, convention will be here before we know it.  Grinnell is our host and I know they are eager to put on one heck of a convention!  If you haven’t registered for the 2021 IFA Convention, go to “” and do so.  It is a great time to catch up with your fellow fire family friends, plus you didn’t get to see them last year!!! Stay safe out there!

Nick Riley,

IFA President




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