owa Firefighters Memorial Service is coming up on June 11

   Hello everyone. It’s been another busy month for me as we have been preparing for our DC trip to attend the NVFC spring meeting. Recently I made the trip to Osage to recognize a few members for their years of service and among them it was my honor to present Past President Gene Evans with his retirement award for 39 years of service. Congratulations Gene and thank you for your service to the community of Osage and the state of Iowa.

   Jewell Fire and Rescue hosted the Fire Prevention Poster awards luncheon this year and I’d like to congratulate all the kids that received awards and thanks to Jewell for hosting.  

   The IFA PAC golf tournament was held April 29th in State Center, Thank You to all that participated and supported this event. 

   The Iowa Firefighters Memorial Service is coming up on June 11. The Board meeting will be June 10th at 9 a.m. at the Tiffin fire station and that night at dusk will be the candlelight service at the memorial.  

   The legislative session came to an end and once again our LOSAP program failed to pass through the Senate due to funding issues. However, our tire bill was successful and passed through the house and senate and we are currently waiting on final rules as we expect it to become available this summer. It was a tough year at the capitol, and I thank our lobbyists John and Cindy Pederson for all their dedication and persistence pushing our agenda. I’d also like to thank my board members for their commitment to the legislative push by traveling to the Capitol as needed and writing endless emails. Sometimes it seems like we don’t have much support in the legislature but that isn’t so. There were many that showed us this year that they have our back, but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough. This summer I encourage all of you to talk to your Representatives and Senators as they attend your fundraisers and parades, ask them if they supported firefighters, ask them what they think of the Governors reorganization bill that ripped apart the Fire Marshal’s office. Hold them accountable for what is to come and the decisions that are being made. This year is done and it’s time to get started on next year’s agenda. If you have an idea that will benefit Iowa’s fire service that we could add to our legislative agenda, please let us know. 

   Summer is upon us so get those old fire trucks out of storage, check the brakes, get them into the parades and show them off. Take pride in the history that has been preserved for all of us to enjoy. 

   Until next time, serve with pride and take pride in everything you do.

Chuck Raska,

IFA President 









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