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I can do this…

     Here is a little memory refresher from last year. Do you remember the Irish, or Gaelic phrase, Fir Na Tine? Or Fir bhean? If you forgot, I’ll tell you later.

Lock Out Tag Out

      We respond to so many varied emergencies. It is really a challenge to insure our teams are up to speed with all the hazards as well as responsibilities in meeting industry standards.

Jim Horn tells a story about firefighter Bob Tichota during a roast honoring Tichota for his 50 years of service to the Blair Volunteer Fire Department at the Blair Volunteer Fire and Rescue awards banquet on Nov. 4. Photo by Joe Burns of the Blair Pilot-Tribune.

Fire prevention

     Greetings to all. Hope that you all had a great holiday this year and last.

     This is a letter on dead bolt locks that we all will see from time to time.


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